Your first home – exciting and overwhelming

To finally have a place you can call yours. Your first home. Such a wonderful satisfying feeling.

Getting there is another thing altogether. The stress of finding the right place, bidding against others, working out how much you can afford and even thinking about moving home.

Let alone finding the right home loan.

It’s complicated and keeps getting harder. Fixed or variable loans, professional packages, offset accounts, LVR, fees… there are so many different options. On top of that, which lenders might you qualify with?


We make it easy for you

At Trigon we explain everything in plain English. We research a wide range of options and make our recommendations based on your best interests, not the bank’s. Then we help you with everything from application to settlement.

From the first-home owners grant, applying for all the other government concessions, filling in all the forms, through to structuring the best loan for you.


Paper work

We will provide all the application forms including the first-home owners grant.

You will need to have identification documentation, evidence of income, savings, and possibly statements from personal loans and credit cards.

For your first home, most lenders require evidence of genuine savings. This consists of six months statements showing that you have saved at least 5% of the purchase price*.

* If you don’t have 5%, some lenders require less or accept evidence of rental payments. Others will let you skip this if you have family that will act as guarantor on the loan.

Find the right loan for me

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